Inviting members to your website

How you can invite members to activate their account for the website will be explained in this article.

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How to invite members to your website

Your members have their own account on your website, but before they can login, your members need to activate their account first. You can invite members to activate their account in two ways.

Invite them via a standard email

You can invite a member to activate their account by searching for the member in the manager and by going to their profile. In the tab 'Membership', you can click on the button 'send invitation'. This will send a standardised email with a link to your website to activate their member account.

Inviting multiple members with a personalised email.

When you want to invite multiple members to activate their account, you can use mailing. With mailing you can send a personalised email, with an activation link. (Read more about how to set up mailing, here)

When creating the mailing you can use the tag {{ ACTIVATION_LINK }}. This tag will be replaced with a unique link to the activation page on your website.


  • First check if the activation of your account works smoothly before sending activation invites.

  • Use a filter when creating mailing, with this filter you can select all members that have not yet activated their account. This way members who have activated their account do not receive any emails.

  • Check if all the field-settings are correct for the member's profile on your website. You can check and edit these settings in the field-settings.

Example activation email

We have written the email below to give you an example of an activation email. You can use this email to invite your members to activate their account. You can, of course, also change and edit the email to your own liking and simply use it as a template.

Example mail:

Dear {{ FIRSTNAME }},

We have recently launched our new website!

Members of our organisation can login to the website, to view more information that is only available to members. On your website you can also view and edit your profile and sign-up for upcoming events.

Activating your account:
With the link below you can activate your personal account for the website:

Once you have clicked on the link, we will ask you to double check your personal information, just to make sure everything is still correct. In the case some of the information is incorrect, please change it immediately. After updating your personal information, you have to set a password.

The link in this email is only to activate your account. Once you have activated your account you can login on the website by clicking on the 'login' button.

Forgot your password?
Did you activate your account but forgot your password? Fill out your email address or member ID and click on 'forgot password'. You will automatically receive an email with which you can change your password.

With kind regards,

the Board

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