Field-settings per member status

Choose for each member status, which information will be shown, can be edited or should be mandatory in both the Manager and your website

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In the Congressus Manager you can manage the settings of the different categories for each status at 'Settings > Member statuses'. For each status you can decide which fields are shown, which can be edited and which ones are mandatory. This impacts both the Congresssus Manager and the website(s) of the association.

Congressus Manager fields

These are the fields that will be shown to the associations users of the member administration in Congressus manager.

  • Column 'Add member' - choose which field-settings should be used for adding a new member to this member status through Congressus Manager

  • Column 'Edit member' - choose which field settings should be used for editing a member in this member status through Congressus Manager

Website fields

These are the fields that will be shown (or not shown) to your members and potential members. For example, the fields that are shown when new members are signing up online through the 'Online sign-up' form or the fields shown in a member's online profile.

  • Column Online sign-up - field settings for the 'Online sign-up' form on your association's website. This decides which information is asked for from new members when they are signing up online.

  • Column Activate profile - decide in this column which settings are used for activating their profile for you association's website

  • Column Edit profile - decide in this column the settings for how and what a member can or cannot edit in their profile on your association's website

  • Column Almanac - decide which information can be shown in the almanac/online members list of members in this member status.

Tips & tricks for using field-settings

  1. Set up one member status entirely to your liking, then copy the settings for the member statuses that function the same way. You can do this by going to the tab 'General' for the specific member status you want to have the copied settings

  2. Set up the field-settings for each member status. This way you have the most control over all the information available. Otherwise you can use the standard settings

  3. Check your changes by creating a test member. Change the member status so that you can see what the member with that particular member status can see. This way you avoid making mistakes!

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