Managing Member Statuses

Learn how to add, edit or delete Member Statuses. Set up contribution fees and decide which fields are available in the Member profile.

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Member profiles in your Congressus administration are divided into different Member Statuses. You can set up these Member Statuses by navigating to 'Settings' > 'Member statuses'. Here, you can manage current Member Statuses and add new ones.

Through 'Settings' > 'Member statuses' you can manage current member statuses and add new ones.


The Member Statuses screen shows you this overview:

In this overview you can see which Member Statuses are currently present in your administration.
You can also see which Member Status(es) have been made available for online sign-up on your website, which Member Statuses are archived and how many members each Member Status contains.

Adding Member Statuses

Press the "Add Member Status" button in the top right corner to reach the following screen:

Here you can name the Member Status and decide whether it entails an archived membership or a current one.

Note: Members with an archived status cannot log in to the website and as such they cannot sign up for events as a member. Archiving statuses is useful for the administration of former members and alumni, as it allows you to contact member profiles without any extra monthly fees.

The Field settings section allows you to copy the field settings from other Member Statuses and save you the trouble of setting up these settings for each Member Status individually.

The Almanac visibility settings dictate whether members with this status are shown in the Member list of each of your websites.

Website settings allows you to choose whether the Member status can log in to your website(s).

Edit Member status

To change the settings of a Member Status, press the edit button next to its name.


Under the header 'General' you can change the name per member status and indicate whether the members of this status are archived or not.

You can also set their visibility in the online member list.
Finally, you can also set these members' log-in possibilities for each website and copy Field settings from other Member Statuses.

Contribution & online sign-up


Under the header 'contribution' you can select which contribution product is assigned to this Member Status. You can also indicate the term length for this contribution fee. You can also choose to let members pay their contribution proportionally, charging an amount based on the remaining contribution period. For example: If the Contribution is set to yearly fee of €120,-. When a prospective member signs up in October, they only need to pay for the remaining 3 months of the year. In this case, the prospective member will only be charged €30,- for the remaining period.

Online sign-up

Checking the box 'available for online sign-up' allows prospective members to sign up online for this specific member status.
Add a description here for potential members to read when they sign up. In the example below you see how the description text is shown.

Terms of Service

Some associations maintain different terms of service per member status. Under this header you can upload a terms of service document specific to the member status. These terms of service are available for the member in their profile on your website.

When uploading your terms of service document here, do not forget to save!

Congressus Manager field & Website field settings

Under the tabs 'Congressus Manager field settings' and 'Website field settings' you can set which data fields are shown, edited and/or mandatory when editing a member's profile. You can read more about this in this article about field settings per member status.

Hiding or deleting Member Statuses

Extensive or long-time Congressus users may end up having an administration with Member Statuses that are no longer used or necessary. If you want to remove these Member Statuses from Congressus Manager you have two options:

Delete Member Status

You can completely delete a Member Status, losing all historical information related to the Status in the process. When you delete a Member Status you will be asked what you want to do with all prior, current en future members with this member status. Make sure you choose wisely as to not lose any important information.

Hide Member Status

You can also hide unused Member Statuses. You can only hide Member Statuses that do not have any current or future members. The history of a hidden Member Status will still be available. You can no longer move member to this status. Hidden member statuses will also no longer be shown in the member administration.

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