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Communication with your members is everything. This article will explain how to set up and send mailing and how to use tags.

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Communication with your members is a very important aspect of your association. With Congressus you can easily send personalised emails and send these to all of your members. This article will explain everything about how to compose and send mails to your members from Congressus.

Selecting a target audience

Before you can compose an email, you first need to decide to whom you want to send your email. You can only send emails to members in your member administration.

You can select your target audience from your member administration. Use a temporary filter, a saved filter or create a list with members. Next to this you can also send individual members an email from their profile.

From a filter

If you have a temporary filter or a saved filter active, you can click on the arrow in the top right next to filter and choose 'Send mailing to members in filter'. Read more about the use of filters in this article.

From a list

After you have created a list, the process is the same as trying to send a mail from a filter. Click on the arrow next to 'list' in the top right and select 'Send mailing to list'. Read more about the use of lists in this article.

From the profile of member

You can also send emails to individual members in your member administration. Simply head to their profile in the manager and click on the 'Send email' button in the top right.

Composing an email


When composing the mailing you can decide the content of the mail with the editor:

Inhoud van de mailing bewerken
  • Sender - Select the sender of the email. You can choose from all verified sender in your administration

  • Subject - Use a gripping and clear subject for your emails. It also possible to use tags in your subject

  • Content - Add content to your mailing. You can add paragraphs, headings, images, dividers, lists and columns.

In the column on the right you can set up the following things:

  • Send to all - If members in your target audience have opted out of mailing you can ignore that preference with this option. This way you can still send the most important information of your association to all members.

  • Template - Choose a template for your mailing. This decides the look-and-feel of your mailing

  • Corporate identity - If you manage multiple websites, you can choose from which website you want to use the colors, lettertype and logo.

  • Add attachments - Select the files you want to add to your mailing. Keep in mind the limits for file sizes and data usage.

  • Add Saved Reply - If you have saved replies available you can select them here. We add the safed reply to the space your cursor points to.

  • Available tags - Lastly you will see an overview of all tags that you can use in the subject and content of your mailing. When you click on a tag it be automatically be highlighted completely, this way you can directly copy and paste it into your mail.

After you have composed your mail you can click on 'next' at the bottom.

Confirm & send

In the step 'Confirm & send' we will show a preview of the mail you are about to send to your members.

Display for desktop or mobile

By default we will show you the desktop display of your mail. By clicking on the icon in the top right you can switch to the mobile display of the email.


If you have added attachments to you email you will see an overview of the total amount of data used in order to send the attachments. It will also show how much data you still have available. Read more about data usage and limits for attachments here.

Send mailing

At the bottom of the page you can click on the button 'Send (x)'. The x stands for the total amount of recipients of your mailing. We recommend you double check if the total number is correct.
In 'Communication' in the main menu you can view the statistics of your mailing.

There are no extra costs attached to the sending of mailing.

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