Adding different senders to send mailing from different email addresses

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What are senders?

Senders are used for communication with your members. Every mailing has a sender. The recipient of the mail will see the name of the sender. When a recipient replies to the email, the reply will be send to the corresponding email address of the sender.

You can add multiple senders to Congressus, this allows you to send mailings from different email addresses.

To make sure you are the 'owner' of the email address, every sender has to be verified before you can use in the Manager.

Adding a sender

You can add an unlimited amount of senders to the Congressus Manager.

  • Go to 'settings' > 'Senders'

  • Click on 'Add sender' in the top right

  • 'Follow the steps'

Verification process of a sender

You cannot use a new sender immediately, you first need to verify the sender. With this you confirm that you are the owner of the email address and that you want to use this to send mailing from Congressus.

After adding the new sender you will receive an email from our partner Amazon SES (Simple Email Services). This email contains a link. Click on it to confirm that you want to use this email address for Congressus.

Setting a default sender

You can only set one default sender for Congressus. The default sender will be used by Congressus for sending automated emails. such as confirmation emails when signing up for an events, purchasing an item in the webshop or a confirmation email when a new member signs up on your website.

In addition you can select a different sender in a lot of places in Congressus when sending mailing, for example at the invoice workflows or event categories.

Setting personal preferences.

In the userprofile you can set wich sender you would like to use when you are creating and sending mailing. This sender will be automatically selected when you are composing emails. However, when composing emails you can always change the sender.

Do not end up in the spam inbox

To prevent the mailing you send from your selected sending from ending up in the spam inbox , we advise you to add SPF and DKIM-records.

In order to set up SPF and DKIM, you need to have access to the DNS setting of your domain name. You can only set up SPF and DKIM for email addresses that end with your domain name.

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