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The information of a member in your member administration form their member profile in Congressus. You can view and search for these profiles at 'Members'. If you want to view a member's entire profile you can click on their member ID (shown in green) or click on the 'edit' button (shown in yellow).

In their member profile you get an overview of all personal information that has been saved in Congressus and an overview of all communication, event participation and sales related to the member.

The member profile looks like the following:

If support has created custom fields for your association you can find them in the extra tabs between, 'personal details' and 'membership'. All other tabs that you will find here are the same for every association. That is why you cannot change their names. You can however, choose to not show certain fields because you do not need them. You can read how to do this and more, in this article.

Let's go through all the different tabs:

  1. Personal details

  2. Membership

  3. Preferences

  4. Events

  5. Organisations (in the case you have the functionality 'Organisations')

  6. Groups

  7. Communication

  8. Sales invoices

  9. Other tabs

Tabs 1 to 8 are the same for all associations that use Congressus, therefore their names cannot be changed. We cannot perform any changes to these tabs.

1. Personal Details

At the tab 'personal details' you can find all the general personal information that you have saved in Congressus about the member. You can also download the 'SEPA direct debit mandate' and upload it once it has been signed.

You can only download the 'SEPA direct debit mandate' once the member has filled out a valid IBAN number. This is because the direct debit mandate uses personal en payment information from your members, which first needs a verified bank account. You can read more about direct debit mandates here.

2. Membership

At tab membership you can do the following:

  • Edit the member ID/Student number

    This field is always mandatory and should be unique. Via 'Settings' > 'General' you can edit and change the member ID settings. You can have Congressus generate member ID's on the basis of a couple of tags. In this case you can better not edit this field. How to create an automatically generated member ID, you can read here.

  • Edit the member status

    The member status can be edited, for example if you want a member to become an 'Alumni' or 'Former member'. You can do this by pressing 'add status' at the bottom of 'Membership history'. You see an overview with this member's current member status, from a dropdown menu you can select which member status the member should be assigned. You can also set a date from which the member status should be assigned. This way you can set the date it in the future and Congressus will automatically change the status from the given date.

  • Send an activation email

    An activation mail is used to invite a member to activate their account on your association's website. You can only send an activation email to members that have a current active member status, you cannot send an activation email to archived member statuses. Tip: You can also send activation emails in bulk to a lot of members at once

  • View the membership history

    Congressus keeps track of which member status a member has had in the past and at which date they became that status. The current member status has a green label. You can only change the first member status. Therefore pay good attention when changing the member status, if you make a mistake you cannot change or edit it

3. Preferences

At the tab 'preferences' you can indicate if a member wants to receive emails, text messages or notifications. You can also indicate if the member can be shown in the online members list on your website and which personal information can be shown. Members can also edit their own profile, if you have allowed it in settings. You can change these settings at 'Settings' > 'Member statuses'.

4. Events

Here you get an overview of all the events the member has signed up for, both past events and upcoming events will be shown.

5. Organisations

At the tab organisations you get an overview of all the organisations that the member is connected to. You can see what their function is and from what period the member is or was connected to the organisation.

6. Groups

If the member is part of a group, you can see which groups a member is in at this tab. You can add or create groups from the menu on the left at 'Groups'. In the overview you can also continue to the specific groups and see their members.

7. Communication

At communication you can view all the outgoing communication your organisation has send to the member. You get an overview of the date, the type of communication (email or text message), you can see the subject and content of the communication and the status of the communication (if it has been opened or not). You can click on the content of the message, to read what has been sent to the member.

8. Sales invoices

'Sales invoices' shows the overview of all the sales invoices connected to the member. The overview is subdivided in two categories 'Contribution' and 'Sales invoices'. 'Contribution' gives an overview of the total contribution connected to the members. 'Sales invoices' on the other hand, gives and overview of all the invoices send to the member. You get an overview of the invoice reference number, the date, the products connected to the invoices, the status and the total price of the invoice. At the top of the overview the total sum of all open or late invoices is also shown.

9. Other

In the case your association has requested extra fields from Congressus support, the extra information will be shown under the tab 'Other'. You can read more about field-settings and custom fields here.

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