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Adding extra fields to the member administration, changing the name display of members and generating automatic member ID's

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Congressus Manager allows you to choose how the names of your members are displayed and whether or not to include matters like titles and nicknames. Additionally, it is also possible to set up how member ID's are generated. This article explains how you can set you preferences.

1. Name display

Through Settings > General you can choose how Congressus displays names of your members.

As you can see, you can set your display preferences for two different places.

  1. Congressus Manager - the administration environment. You can set a preference to what you think is comfortable and easy to work with as a board.

  2. Website - the association website for your members. This is the setting that allows you to set a preference how members can see themselves and other members in the online Directory.

2. Member name settings

Navigate to Settings > General > Member name settings in order to change the member name settings.

By checking the boxes of the options available you can indicate which fields you want to use. Once checked you still need to make them available in Congressus Manager and Website fields, this article explains how field settings in Congressus work.

Searching by name

After adding these extra fields, you can now use them as search criteria within Congressus manager!

Changing field names

The extra name fields have a standard name; such as Secondary Last Name, Nickname or Given Name. If you want to change the field names you can send us a message via chat or email ( For example, you can then change 'Secondary Last Name' to 'Surname by Marriage'. You can change this to your liking.

3. Member ID's

Congressus allows you to automatically generate Member ID's. This can be done on the basis of certain tags and can be set based on your own preferences.

How can you do this? Go to Settings > General.

In order to automatically generate Member ID's, input a format based on the following tags:

  • {year} for the current year

  • {year_membership_start} for the year that the membership started

  • {month} for the current month

  • {id} for the ID-pointer

Next, choose a starting number for the ID pointer and choose a pointer length to decide the amount numbers the ID should consist of.
Combine these tags for the following results:
​{year} {id} - results in 202200001, if you chose 00005 at "pointer length"

{month}{year} {id} - results in 0820220043, if you chose 0004 and the pointer starts at the number 43.

After setting up your preferences, the next Member-ID to be generated will be shown at "Next Member ID".

When you save your preferences, future Member ID's will be automatically generated!

Questions? Let us know! You can send us a message via chat or an e-mail to

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