Online members list (Almanac)

With the online members list (also known as the almanac) your association's members can search for other members on your website

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The online members list makes it possible to search for other members of your association on your association's website.

You can do this in 2 different ways.

1. Search for a specific member

By default the online members list is set up to search for specific members. This means that the entire members list will not be shown at once. A member first needs to put in a term or name in the search bar. On the basis of the search query the online members list will show results that are relevant. This looks like the following:

In this way someone cannot see the entire members list at once.

2. Showing the entire members lists

It is also possible to show the entire members list at once. In this case when members go to the online members list the entire list will be shown without having to put in a search term first. This looks like the following:

Of course members can still use the search bar to search for specific members.


You manage multiple settings for the online members list by going to 'Settings > Websites'

Show list

When this box is checked, the entire members list will be shown at once. No one has to first put in a search term in the search bar

Allow filtering by year

The results will be based on the date when a member has become a member; 'member since' date. You can filter on 'since' or 'until' year. All years will be shown which contain members.

Allow filtering by member status

You can search for members based on their member status

Allow filtering by location

You can search for members based on their location. This is in combination with a radius and name of the city/town. For example, location 'Groningen' and a radius of

'10 km'

Changing the name of the Almanac/Online members list

Originally, we here at Congressus, use the term (online) almanac/members list. In the world of study and student associations, our origin, this is a frequently used term.
However this term does not always fit well with a large part of our customers. Therefore we have made it possible to change the name for each website. By default our software now uses the terms (online) Members list and Almanac, including translations. You can however, also use your own term.

At the moment changing the name of the Almanac/Members list is only possible through Congressus Support. Send us an email or chat message when you want to make changes.

Different display for deceased members in the online members list

For multiple associations it can be relevant to give their deceased members a place within their member administration and online members list.

It is possible to mark archived members as 'deceased'. With this, the member will clearly be shown as deceased in the Manager as well as on the website (think of groups and the Almanac/Members list). This will also make sure that the personal contact information won't be shown to other members and that it will not be possible to mail or send texts to this member.

Disclaimer: this functionality will only be part of the Enterprise Plan. Our college Sam (sales) can explain all the possibilities that Enterprise can offer your association.

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