A member cannot login, how is that possible?

Sometimes it can happen that a member can not sign in, this article will go over the possible solutions

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Disclaimer: Are you looking to log in to the Congressus manager, you can do that here.

All members in your member administration that fall under 'Current Members' can use their account to log in to your website.
Sometimes it can happen that a member can not log in. This can have multiple reasons.

Account not activated.

In order to be able to login a member needs to have an activated account. When a member is activating his/her account they can set up their password.
Is the account not yet activated? You can send the member an activation link. There are two ways to send an activation link. The first one is through the member's profile in the manager by going to the 'membership' tab and clicking 'send activation link'. The second way is my creating an email with the tag {{ ACTIVATION_LINK }}. You can read more about the activation of member accounts and inviting them your website here.

Is the account already activated? Check if the the member does not have a member status that is archived. After this you can ask them to click 'password forgotten' to set up a new password.

Archived member status.

When a member has the archived member status, the member can no longer log in on the website. When logging in on the website, a notification pops up that says the that their account is archived and can no longer be used.

Do you want your member to be able to login? Change the member status to a member status that is not archived.

Password forgotten

In the case a member has forgotten his or her password, a member can reset it themselves. On the login page there is a button called 'password forgotten', a member can click on it to be redirected to a page where then can fill out their email address. An email will be a send with a link to reset their password.

A member is registered twice in the member administration

Sometimes it can happen that a member has forgotten their username and have signed up twice as an aspiring member through the online sign up. This way they will be registered twice in the member administration.
When a member tries to log in with the same email address, Congressus does not know which account needs to be used. The member will see an error message. Often the 'wrong account' is already deleted in the member administration. We recommend deleting the email address that is used for this profile in the administration.

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