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Create an event
Create an event

Create an event and enable sign up to sell tickets.

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Create a new event

1. Go to Congressus Manager and click 'Events'.

2. Add your event information

  • Title - Give your event a clear title

  • Category - Select the category for this event. This defines general publication and visibility of the event on your website(s).

  • Date and time - Add the start and end date of your event. Tick 'whole day' if our event takes the whole day.

  • Location - Set the location of the event. Leave empty when not applicable.

  • Organizer - Choose the organizer of this event. You can use any group defined in your member administration.

3. Add event description and media

Go to the tab 'Description' and add a description for your event.

Go to the tab 'Media' and add images shown on the event page.

Edit the sign up settings

If you want to enable sign up for this event, edit the sign up settings for this event and add tickets.

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