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Create and edit ticket types
Create and edit ticket types

Ticket types enable people to sign up for your event

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To create tickets for your event, go to “Tickets” and select “Add ticket”. Add a name, quantity, and price (if paid). Review the advanced settings to add a description or change how your tickets are sold. Make sure to save your changes and view your event to confirm your ticket settings are correct.

Create a ticket

1. Go to Congressus Manager and click 'Events'.

2. Go to tab "Tickets" and click "Add ticket"

If your event doesn’t have any tickets created yet, you can create new tickets. You can also copy existing tickets on your event. All information from the copied ticket is duplicated for the new ticket.

4. Enter basic information for your ticket

  • Name - Name of the ticket type (like "General Admission" or "Early bird").

  • Description - More information about your tickets. Use a description if you need to include more information about this ticket type.

  • Available quantity - The number of tickets available for this ticket type. For example, if you want to sell 200 tickets, set this to 200.

  • Price - The price of your tickets.

  • Availability date - The dates and times your tickets are on sale. Before your available from date and after your available to date, the tickets won’t be available.

5. Optional: Choose your advanced settings

Go to Advanced settings to customize your ticket.

  • Ticket audience - Select the audience for this ticket type.

  • Tickets per order - The maximum amount of this ticket type purchasers can buy at once. Use this to limit the amount of tickets per order.

  • Additional information - Select a form which is shown for each ticket in an order.

  • Confirmation email - When enabled, you can set an additional text which is added to confirmation mails send for each order.

6. Confirm your tickets are on sale

Save your changes. Then view your event to confirm your ticket settings are correct.

If your tickets aren’t on sale, go back to Tickets and click your ticket type. Then check the following:

  1. Check the availability date for your tickets.

  2. Confirm your tickets are visible (under Advanced settings).

  3. Set the correct audience for your ticket (under Advanced settings).

Edit your tickets

To update your tickets, go back to Tickets. Click on 'Edit' and change your ticket settings.


The following actions are available when you edit a ticket.

  • Duplicate — create a new ticket type with the same settings.

  • Delete — remove the ticket type.

You won't be able to delete a ticket type after it has had any sales (even ones that are canceled or refunded). If you need to remove a sold ticket, change the Ticket visibility to "Hidden".

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