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Sign up settings
Sign up settings

Enable sign up for your event, set sign up mode, order forms and billing options

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Enable sign up

  • Go to the Event in Congressus Manager. Click the tab 'Sign up'.

Sign up type

  • Enable sign up - Tick this box to enable sign up for this event.

  • Sign up type - By default this is set to 'Single', enabling attendees to buy a single ticket and buy tickets only once (per member or per email address in case of external attendees). Select 'Ticketing' to enable buying more than one ticket per order.

  • Audience - Can only be set when no tickets are available yet. When you have tickets present, the audience is defined per ticket type. Read more on creating and editing ticket types.

Changing the sign up type or disabling sign up does not affect sold tickets.

Order form

  • Required information - By default name and email is collected from the buyer only and applied on each ticket in the order. Set this option to 'Each attendee' to collect name and email for each individual ticket. This option is only shown when the sign up type is set to 'Ticketing'.

  • Max. tickets per order - Total amount of tickets that allowed per order. This option is only shown when the sign up type is set to 'Ticketing'.

  • Buyer remarks - Enables the buyer to add remarks to their order. When enabled, a Remarks placeholder could be set (e.g. 'Do you have any allergies?' or 'What is your favorite color?').

Event capacity

Set an event capacity to limit the total amount of tickets available for this event.


  • Mail organization - add one or more email addresses which get notified when tickets for this event are sold or the participation status changes.

Invoice and payment

  • Billing enabled - Tick when you want attendees to be billed for their tickets.

  • Billing type - Define whether you want attendees to be billed direct or if you want to bill later. Select the latter if you want to adjust the price after an event.

  • Payment methods - When you select 'Billed direct', it is mandatory to select at least one payment method.

QR tickets - beta

This option is currently in beta and not available for all of our customers. Contact support to enable this option.

  • Use QR tickets - Tick this option to enable personalized QR codes for each sold ticket. You can scan tickets at the door of your event with the Congressus Ticket Scan app.

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