Adding a group to a webpage

Introduce group members and their functions. This can be useful for showing the Board and Commissions of your association

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You can easily publish your board and commissions on your website. By adding groups to your webpage the individual group members will clearly be shown.

Adding a group

You can add groups to a new webpage or an existing page. Through 'add content' you can choose for the option 'group members' you can these select a group and decide on the width of the content.
In the case you have add a name and a function for the group members, the group will be shown on the website like this:

You can create as many different groups and publish them as you want. This is for example useful if you want to keep track of the history of your association or organisation. By creating a group for every board and or commission each year you can keep track of your history and show it very nicely on your website.

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