Adding a video to your webpage

This article will explain how you can add a video to your webpage.

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If you want to add a video to your webpage, we recommend first uploading the video to YouTube and then embedding it to your webpage with the use of HTML. You can do this by selecting HTML when adding content on a webpage in Congressus Manager.

But first we need to HTML code for the YouTube video. After you have uploaded your video to YouTube, go to the video and click on 'share' and then 'embed'. You will then see a line of HTML code, copy the code.

Now got to 'webpages' in Congressus Manager and go to the webpage where you want to add the video to. Click on 'add content' and select 'HTML'. Paste the HTML code you got from YouTube video and do not forget to save your changes! You have now embedded a video on your webpage!

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