Adding Images to your webpage

Upload an image or document and add this to the webpage.

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With Congressus you can easily add images to your website directly from your uploaded media. This article will explain step-by-step how you can upload an image to media and how you can then add this to your webpage.

Uploading an image to media

Uploading an image is the same process as uploading a file to media. These are the steps you need to undertake to upload an image/file to media:

  • Navigate to 'Media' on the left side of the main menu

  • Select an existing folder or create a new one by clicking on 'add folder' button in the top right.

  • After you have selected a folder click on the green 'add files' button in the top right

  • In following screen you can select a different folder if you wanted to change the destination of the file

  • Click on 'choose files' en choose the image/file from your computer

  • Click on 'add files' to upload the file to media

Adding an image to a webpage

  • Navigate to 'webpages' left in the main menu

  • Click on the webpage where you want to add the image to

  • Click on 'add content' and select 'image'

  • Choose the width of the image

  • Select the image that you have just uploaded to media

  • Add a caption

  • Click 'add' to place the image on your webpage

Adding a redirect in your image

  • Follow the same steps as above up until 'add caption'

  • After you have selected the file from media you can add a caption

  • You can also place a link at 'Add link'

  • Add a URL

  • Click on 'add image'

  • Now your image is also a redirect

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