Export member administration

You can export (selections) of your member administration into an Excel file with the clicks of a few buttons.

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Congressus allows you to export your member administration effortlessly. You can export your entire member administration, but you can also just export a member status or a filter that you have created. The data can then be exported in an Excel file or to your browser.

To create an export you can navigate to 'Members' and select the member status or filter you wish to export. You then click on 'Export' in the top right. As we have mentioned you can differentiate between the following:

Excel download

  • Only names export

    With this export you will export Member ID, Sex, Title, Initials, First name, Insertion, Last name and degree if these are available for your members

  • Basic export

    This export will export the same things as the only names export, however, it will also include the primary contact info and the data related to the membership

  • Full export

    In the full export, you will find all the data related to your members. The image below shows what a full export could look like.

In browser

You can also export email addresses, mobile phone numbers and home phone numbers to your browser. This looks like the following:

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