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Importing members, adding members manually or let them sign-up online.

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A website is designed for its users. How you can add your members to your website will be explained in this article. The adding of members can be done in a couple of different ways. Depending on the situation you can choose between the following ways:

1. Importing members

Once you have signed the licensing agreement, Congressus support can import your members for you. All you need to do is deliver an Excel-file with a couple of conditions. You can read here, how to import your members.

It is not possible to import your members yourself. In the case you want to import extra members, contact support and they will gladly help you.

2. Adding members in Congressus Manager

You can also add members to your association in the Congressus Manager. You can do this member by member, if you have to add a lot of members at once, the first option is your best choice.

You can manually add members by going to 'Members' and clicking on 'Add members'. Once there, you need to assign a member status to the new member and then you can fill out all the personal information of the new member.

3. Let member sign up online

The nice thing about Congressus is that you can have new members sign up online by using the 'Online sign up' form. Members can fill out this form on your website and will then automatically be added to your administration. You can edit and change this process to your own liking. In this article, all the possibilities of the Online sign-up will be explained.

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