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Managing 'Saved replies' for mailing
Managing 'Saved replies' for mailing

In this article we will explain what saved replies are, how you can create them and how you can use them in mailing

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With saved replies you can add often send messages to your mailing. When composing an email you can select the saved reply to add the standard text to your mailing.

Another option is to save an email signature as a saved reply so that you can easily add it to the mails you send to your members.


You can categorize all your saved replies. You can find them in 'settings' > 'Saved replies'. Here you can add, edit and remove different categories.

Adding a 'Saved reply'

You can add a new saved reply bij going to 'settings' > 'Saved replies' and clicking on 'Add saved reply' in the top right

Content of the 'Saved replies'

On the left side of the screen you can add the content of your saved reply. You have access to same blocks of content you have when composing an email.

On the right side of the screen you can add a couple of different things:

  • Name - This is the name of the saved reply. This name will be shown when you compose a new email in order to select the right saved reply

  • Category - Choose which category you want to add the saved reply to

  • Subject - Add the subject of the email in case you want use this saved reply as an entire email. We will use this as the subject if you have not given the email a subject already

  • Available tags - This is an overview of all available tags you can use when creating your saved reply

You can use tags for the content and subject of your saved reply.

Click on 'Add saved reply' at the bottom to save your saved reply.

Attention: You first need to create a category before you can add a new saved reply if you do already have an existing category.

Edit Saved replies

From the overview of saved replies you can click on a saved reply in order to edit it. The screen for editing is the same as the screen for adding a saved reply.

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