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Changing an IBAN with a direct debit mandate
Changing an IBAN with a direct debit mandate

If you want to change a bankaccount number with a direct debit mandate, you first need to remove the direct debit mandate.

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It is not possible to change the IBAN number of a member when a direct debit mandate is active on the bank account number.

Cancelling the direct debit mandate

  • Go to the Congressus Manager

  • Search for the member in your member administration

  • Cancel the direct debit mandate at 'bank account'

  • Are there multiple direct debit mandates? Make sure to cancel all of them

Changing the IBAN bank account number

  • Change the IBAN number

  • At Dutch IBAN numbers (starting with NL) Congressus will automatically fill out the corresponding BIC number

  • Save your changes

Adding a new direct debit mandate

In most cases a member has to sign a direct debit mandate if you want to add a new one. Only in the situation that the bank contacts you that the IBAN number of a member has been changed, can you change the number without the signing of a new direct debit mandate.

You can read how to add a new direct debit mandate below.

Online signing of a direct debit mandate

Depending on the settings of your association, a member can sign a new direct debit online themselves. However this mandate is not a 100% legally valid.

The member can sign an online direct debit mandate if you have the following settings:

  • Go to 'Settings' > 'SEPA Direct Debit' and from the drop down menu select 'Online mandate (checkbox) required'

  • Go to 'Settings' > 'Member statuses' > the specific member status you want the mandate to be used for > 'Website fields'. Make sure the 'SDD mandate' is set to editable or editable+required.

Offline signing of a direct debit mandate

A member can download the SEPA direct debit mandate form from their profile on your association's website. This is only possible if you have selected 'Offline signature required' in the 'SEPA Direct Debit' settings. This form meets the requirements of the 'Nederlandsche Bank'. Most information is already given on the from.
The member can then download, print, sign and send the form to the association. After you have received the signed document, you can add the direct debit mandate in the member's profile.

Adding a mandate in the Congressus Manager.

You can add a new mandate in the Manager by doing the following steps

  • Press on 'Adding mandate'

  • Choose the right mandate date

  • Change the mandate sign if necessary

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