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Alternative ways of sending attachments
Alternative ways of sending attachments

In this article you will learn more about mail attachments in Congressus

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You can add attachments to mailing in Congressus, however, there are some limitations to the size of your attachments.

In this article we will explain how you can add a link to larger files to you mailing as an alternative to attachments.


Rather than adding the file as an attachment to your email, you can upload it to 'Media' and add a link to the file in the body of your mail.

Link to your file

  • Go to 'Media

  • Search for the file you want to add or upload it

  • Hover your mouse over the file

  • Click on the 'pencil' icon that appears

  • Copy the link in the field labeled 'Download link'

Adding the link to your mailing

Compose a new email (tip: use an different to for your email so you can switch back and forth between the email and the manager). You can add the link in the content body of your email

You can add the link by highlight a section of text and clicking on the link icon and pasting your link in the field that pops up. See the gif below.

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