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Introduction to your Member Administration
Introduction to your Member Administration

Congressus offers all types of functions that are linked with the member administration. Read more about their options and functions here.

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Introduction to your Member Administration

Your member administration is an essential part of your association. In this article we will briefly explain all functionalities in order to start working with the member administration within Congressus.


When you click on "Members" in the menu on the left side of the Congressus manager you will open the member administration interface of Congressus. Here you will find the member administration that Congressus Support has imported for you, if this has already happened. This article explains how this process works.
Congressus Support can only import your member administration once all the Licensing and Data Processing Agreements are signed. More information about the member administration can be found here.


Your members can be subdivided into groups. Aside from the board, associations usually have other groups such as committees and year clubs. With the Group function you can make folders and groups into which you can assign members. More information about groups can be found here.

Filters and Lists

Filters allow you to find and segment members based on many different criteria.

These Filters can also be saved for the future so that you do not need to hassle with creating a new Filter each time. Previously saved Filters can be found on the left side of the member administration. Read more about Filters here.

Lists are a powerful and useful addition to these filters. Creating a List allows you to select multiple members at the same time and perform collective actions on members present in it. This article explains how to use and create Lists.


Using the "Members" function also allows for sending SMS texts and e-mails in bulk to your members. The menu item Communication shows all outgoing communication that has taken place between your association and your members, be it e-mails or text messages. This article explains the Communication features offered within Congressus

This short video explains all features the member administration offers in Congressus Manager. The videos is only available in Dutch, however it still offer a good overview of the functionalities Congressus has to offer.

Aside from member administration, Congressus also offers a lot of other features and functionalities for your association. These articles might be relevant to explore what Congressus has to offer.

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