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Advertisements: Sponsors and Partner logos
Advertisements: Sponsors and Partner logos

Show the logos of your sponsors and partners on the website of your association.

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With Congressus you can easily publish the logos of your sponsors and partners on your website. In all Congressus plans you can make use of advertisements, with this you can publish the logos of companies on your website. How you can do this you can read in this article.

Adding logos

You can add a logo by navigating to 'settings' > 'websites' > 'advertisements'. Here you can add an advertisements by clicking on the button in the top right. In the following screen you can add the name, the logo and the url of your sponsor or partner. You can also choose where you want to publish the logo for example in the footer, header of banner. At the bottom of the page you can decide how many logos you want to show and if you want the to alternate in a carrousel.

Career module

Next to this we offer a broader selection of publishing of companies and sponsors in the Career module. You can for for example dedicate and entire webpage to your partners and sponsors where you can show their entire information. With the module you can also create a company profile with a logo, description of the company and even show related job placements. The career module costs €10,- per month.

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