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Adding or editing headers and banners
Adding or editing headers and banners
How to add or edit a banner or a header on your website?
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Headers and banners are an important visual aspect of your website and therefore it is a good idea to maintain them. This article will explain how you can edit or add a header or a banner to you website. Including what the best type of dimensions they should have.

Adding a header

For each webpage you can set a header. This header will be shown horizontally right below the main menu on the webpage. You can upload the header at the tab 'Header image' in the settings of the specific webpage.

The standard template of the website shows a banner image. The header image can be changed at the tab 'Header image'. Most standard templates use a header image. When no header image is added, the header image of the parent page will be used.

Adding a banner

On the home page you can also add banner slides. You can do this by going to the tab 'Banner' or with the button in the top right 'Add banner slide'. The title and the caption that the banner slide will show is added as text on the image.

The banner is only shown on the home page. If you have multiple banner slide you can choose the order they will be shown in at the tab 'banner' in the settings of the home page. You can also change the banner type at the tab 'properties'.


Because our websites are responsive (the website scales with the user's screen size), it is therefore not possible to give standard dimensions for banner and header images. We do recommend to have a width of 1600 pixels at the very least, this will display a good image on most screen sizes.

We advise to make use of atmospheric photos, because it can happen that your image will partly be cut off.

Test banner

Are you experimenting with headers or banners? You can make use of the template picture below to see which part of your image will be shown where. There are 100 pixel between the horizontal lines and 250 between the vertical lines.

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