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Surveys, questionnaires, dietary restrictions and more. Forms give your members the opportunity to share their own input.

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Forms is part of our Pro package. You can add Forms to general webpages and events. Practical examples are a contact Form or a Form for ticket sales at an event, to inform about certain preferences of participants (such as dietary restrictions).

Shown below is an example of a contact form used for the 'Contact' webpage.

You can find Forms in Congressus Manager by clicking the Forms button in the menu on the left. The step-by-step below will explain how to add Forms. It will also briefly explain the different options and features that Forms offer.

Adding a Form

1. Add a Form and give it a title

Here you can choose to copy fields from previously created Forms and add them to your current Form. In this way you can copy previously created Forms and edit them to your liking. Example: you want to create multiple Forms to figure out the interest in your different committees. This way you can reuse the same Form, only changing the title when needed.

2. Add content

Write an introduction/thank-you message for everyone filling out your Form. You can also add a body for an email that the person filling out your Forms receives upon submission.

3. Create sets and fields

Here you can decide the type of information to gather. The sets can be viewed as the umbrella-term per section (for example: personal data) and the field is where information can be filled out (such as an email adress).

4. Form entries

This is where you find all submitted forms.

Using Forms

You can use Forms in multiple different places

Adding a Form to a webpage

If you want to add a Form to a webpage, you have to add a new webpage. You can do so by navigating to Webpages > Add webpage. Select your form from the dropdown menu at Special Content.

Adding a form to a ticket sales.

Navigate to the event you wish to add the Form to, go to the tab Subscription & Tickets. For each ticket type you can select which form you want to use under Properties > Additional information.

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