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Setting up your email hosting

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First off, it is good to know that Congressus does not offer email hosting services itself. This article explains how you can set up your email through a third party.

Google Workspace for Nonprofits

The service we recommend for hosting your email is Google Workspace for Nonprofits (formerly known as G-suite). Google's free service does not only offer email, it also offers a lot of useful tools from Google, such as Drive, Calendar and Docs.

One condition you have to meet in order to make us of the free Google Workspace for Nonprofits is having a Techsoup account. Techsoup is a third party that examines whether or not your association has a for-profit motive. Once this registration has been finished and approved, you can sign up for Google Workspace for Nonprofits.

On this page you will find more information about Workspace for Nonprofits. You can also use it to sign up. This link allows you to sign up for Techsoup.

Hosting provider

Some hosting providers also offer email hosting. This process differs for each provider and is separate from Congressus. We cannot offer support in this matter, your provider should provide you with ample support to set it up.

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