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Redirect to a different webpage
Redirect to a different webpage

This article will explain how you can make redirects to different webpages

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You can easily place a link to a different webpage with the editor. you can decide what the name of the link is or how this link should be opened for example in a different tab or even a different window.

Adding a link

You can place a link when editing a webpage in the Congressus Manager. When adding text to a webpage you can click on the 'chain' icon in the editor.

In the following screen you can add the link/url. You can also give the link a name in the 'Link info'. If you give the link a name you will see a blue underlined word or sentence instead of the entire https://www. link.


You can also decide how the link will be opened, by setting a target. You can select multiple options when adding a link/url.

<not set> Opens the link the same window

<frame> Changes your window in multiple frames

<popup window> Opens the link in a new pop-up window

New Window (_blank) Opens the link in entire new window

Topmost Window (_top) Opens the link in the same entire window

Same Window (_self) Opens the link the in the same frame

Parent Window (_parent) Opens the link in the original window

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