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Properties and Publication of a webpage
Properties and Publication of a webpage

Properties and Publication of your webpage, who can view your website?

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The last two settings tabs of the webpage are 'Properties' and 'Publication'

Location and Title

Here you can setup under which other page the webpage will fall, if there is a parent page or not and if so which page that is. You can also set the title and the menu title of the webpage or change the existing one. When you first set foot in the demo environment a couple of default pages are created for you. You can change the names and titles of the pages here.


Templates decide how the webpage looks. You have 4 different options: Content, Content-wide, Homepage and Homepage-alternative banner.

You can use the content template for when you want a sub-menu on the left side of a page. For example on the 'About Association' page for 'Board' or 'Commissions'. This also counts for module pages such as the 'Events' page.
With the Content-wide template the menu on the left side will not be shown.


Here you can add a URL that will redirect visitors to a different external (or internal) page. Let's say you have a temporary lustrum page visitors will automatically be redirected to that page.

At the tab 'Publication' you can use the following settings:


If you want to temporary want to take a webpage offline you can do this her, you can unpublish the webpage with the checkbox. The information on the webpage stays intact, but is invisible on the website.

Add a (meta-) description to your webpage to make the webpage easier to find by search engines. We recommend to use meta descriptions of roughly 150-160 characters.

Publication options

Here you can set up how the page is visible, why whom and if it is visible in the menu or not. Often associations choose to make certain information available for members such as photo albums and documentation.

Advertising options

Here you can arrange the visibility of advertisements. All Congressus plans can make use of advertisements. You can place logos of companies on your websites. You can manage the logos through 'settings' > 'websites' > 'Advertisements'.

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