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Adding or removing a webpage
Adding or removing a webpage

How you can add or remove a webpage will be explained in this article

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Adding a webpage

You can easily add a n extra webpage to your website through Congressus Manager. Go to 'webpages' en click on the blue button in the upper right corner 'Add webpage'.

Give the page a title and a menu title and choose a module if you need one. At 'Location' you can select the place on your website where you want to add the page. Be aware that the module you have added can only be added once to your webpage.

At 'Template' you can choose how your webpage will look like. For a normal webpage choose Content, Homepage is ofcourse for the homepage, if you want to know what Content-wide does you can read that here.

Deleting a webpage

You can delete a webpage by clicking on the bin icon next to 'Edit'. When you do this with webpage that has a module, the information is still saved for the module but will no longer be shown on the website. You can add delete a website with a module and later add again to the website while the information stays accessible through the manager.

When deleting a regular webpage keep in mind that the content of the entire webpage will be lost and won't be saved. If you want to temporarily not show a webpage, instead of deleting the page you can also unpublish the webpage through the tab 'publication'. This way the content of the webpage will still be available but the webpage won't be shown on the website.

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